Month: September 2010

Trent & Michelle

This weekend we made a pilgrimage to Athens to celebrate the wedding of Trent and Michelle. Trent is Lee’s best friend and we’ve known each other a long time. He’s “Uncle Trent” around our house because he might… Read More

Cooking With Camille – Banana Pudding

Finally, episode #2 for your viewing pleasure!

Letter to Camille: Fifty Months

Happy Fifty Months big girl! I write this letter feeling much less anxious than I did one month ago, when you were on the verge of starting your elementary school career. Last month, you had your final day… Read More

A Face Only a Mother Could Love

… except, this poor baby bamboo lemur was rejected by its mother. Thankfully, according to, a zoo employee is now caring for the lemur baby. Is it so ugly it’s cute? Maybe. I kind of want to… Read More

Music and Dad

From what I can recall, my earliest musical education came from my father. Long before piano lessons or show choir performances, Dad encouraged me to really listen to music. To pick out the different instruments, pay attention to… Read More

Jacksonville Zoo

On Labor Day, we took advantage of the work/school holiday for a road trip to Jacksonville and a day at the zoo. When am I going to learn that it’s still too hot in September for an all-day… Read More

Beach Buddies

Last weekend we got to combine two of our favorite things – great beach weather and even better beach buddies. The Valles fam was vacationing on Tybee – how nice of them to pick their vacation spot so… Read More


The older I get the more I realize that great friends are hard to find, and great friendships are even harder to keep. People grow, they change, or they move away. Eight years ago Anna and Jason moved… Read More