A Perfect Fall Weekend

October in SavannahSomehow, in the humid and heated haze of September, I forgot how glorious October in Savannah can be. Skies of an impossible blue. Cardigan cool mornings that warm into short-sleeved afternoons.

This time of year it seems the city comes back to life too. After fleeing to the beach or the air conditioning all summer long, people suddenly pack the parks and playgrounds and every weekend brings another festival.

Last Saturday, the Hensleys and friend Fletcher joined us for a boat ride up the Savannah River to Riverstreet for Oktoberfest. The day was clear and bright, but the morning felt downright cold on the water. The kids huddled for warmth and ducked to stay out of the wind.

Chilly on the WaterBoat RideCamille and WillBut by mid-afternoon, after bounce houses and corn dogs and ice cream and such, the air had warmed and our return boat trip was perfect.

Boat Full of KidsSunday we joined nearly every man, woman and child in this city and staked a spot in Forsyth Park for Picnic in the Park. The sun kept us warm but the breeze kept us comfortable as music floated over the crowd of 20,000. And how wonderful to be here with a child who is four, a child who doesn’t wander off but enjoys hanging out on the picnic blanket eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. And playing air guitar with her buddy Sam, of course.

Air GuitarOctober, it’s good to have you back.

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