From Disgusting to Deeelish

Camille’s teacher sent home a flyer last week requesting goodies for an end-of-month pumpkin party, and one of the wish list items was pumpkin cookies. A quick search of a favorite website uncovered a recipe for mini pumpkin whoopie pies. Pumpkin! With icing! Sign me up.

But I wanted to test the recipe ahead of time to be sure it was a keeper. This morning, with Alva’s help, I put together the cookie batter and loaded it into a ziploc-turned-pastry-bag. We hoped the pastry bag would help us have uniform cookie sizes for nice, symmetrical sandwiches.

Well, let’s just say the initial result was completely unappetizing. Here’s what the cookie sheet looked like before it went into the oven.

Umm... It's not what you think.Whoopie pies? More like poopy pies.

Thankfully, the fully-baked cookie looked like an actual cookie, with a nice spongy texture and a mild but good flavor. We whipped up the filling, and although Camille was too busy playing to help me cook, she took a break to help me “clean” the beaters.

Clean Up DutyThe finished whoopie pies were really good and I’m looking forward to making them for the pumpkin party.

Mini Pumpkin Whoopie PiesNow if only I could get the earlier image of the poo-poo platter out of my head.

Here’s the recipe from

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