Letter to Camille: Fifty-Seven Months

My TreasureHappy 57 months my treasure (see above), and happy Spring Break! This week is your first ever spring break and we’ve spent the free time heading out to some of our neighboring cities for a few fun adventures.

Jacksonville Zoo JaguarMonday we went to the Jacksonville Zoo to see, in addition to all the usual animals, the special dinosaur exhibit. You were thrilled with all the robotic dinos and pretended to be our paleontologist tour guide, telling us about each dinosaur before excitedly moving on to the next display.

Jax Zoo DinoYou brought along your stuffed dino “Spike,” and enjoyed posing with him for photographs throughout the zoo. This picture was one of my favorites, with Spike brightening up the background.

Camille and SpikeTuesday was the Charleston Children’s Museum with your buddy Ellanor and her sister Maggie. Tuesday morning you had me call Ellanor’s mom to see if you girls could have matching hairstyles, and settled on “dog ears,” two pony tails in the back. You girls were SO CUTE, and very sweet to each other, I might add.

Two PrincessesShoppingI must say, in the picture above, I’m liking that you had boiled peanuts in your cart. That’s my girl.

Yesterday we hit the beach for our first all-day-long beach trip of the season. Beach toys, sea shells, kites – we couldn’t have asked for a nicer beach day.

Looking for ShellsWater's EdgeAlthough we’ve been enjoying these vacation days, your school days have been pretty exciting lately too. Your class celebrated the first week of spring with a picnic in Forsyth Park, and we were lucky enough to have Nana join us as well.

Forsyth Park with NanaThe most thrilling part of that field trip for you was the visit by Queso the therapy dog. Queso has visited your classroom twice and you are smitten with her. She lives near the park so her owner brought her over to say hello. It’s a good thing Queso is so well-trained and calm, because she was immediately swallowed up by an enthusiastic pack of pre-k kids.

Therapy Dog MobFinally, a line was formed and civility was restored, and you had a chance to give Queso’s owner the picture you’d drawn of her dog, and you had your one-on-one moment with the beloved Queso.

Camille Loves QuesoYou also enjoyed spending that afternoon with Quinn. We hear more about Quinn than any of your other school buddies, and I snapped this picture of the two of you lounging on blankets in the grass, looking at books. You call him your boyfriend, but I’m not reading too much into that because you say you have 6 boyfriends. (By the way, I asked you if your 6 boyfriends could have other girlfriends too, and you said no.)  

Field Trip with QuinnYour second field trip was to a Savannah Music Festival show featuring a Cajun band. You got to ride a trolley downtown, and asked Quinn to sit next to you.

Riding the TrolleyThe two of you sat together at the show too, and pretended to be cats curled up in your theater seats while you waited for the show to begin.

Pretending to be CatsAfter the show, it was a pedicab ride to the park (these pics are beginning to make it look a lot like a date). Your Daddy joined the class for a picnic before the trolley ride back to school.

Pedicab RideEllis Square PicnicRemember those 6 boyfriends? Well one of them is Will who is in first grade and has been a family friend for several years. He now comes home from school with us most afternoons which as been a ton of fun for you. Will LOVES to draw and tell stories, and his stories often have a dark and mysterious side. I think it’s so interesting how his stories and his drawings have influenced your own. Here’s a picture you recently drew (during Sunday School at church, no less):

Ferris Wheel of SkullsThat circle in the middle? It’s a ferris wheel of skulls (every other skull has eyelashes so you know it’s a girl). That person to the right is a monster. To the left you added a unicorn, and thank goodness the unicorn is there because it’s shooting magic on the ferris wheel to save all the people. Love it.

Your Daddy and I also had the chance to get a glimpse of your militant, tyrannical side this month. Everyone in your classroom at school has a job, and the jobs rotate every day. Your favorite job is Calendar Helper, in which you temporarily take over for the teacher, leading the class through a calendar
lesson. Basically, you get to be bossy and not get in trouble for it. We wanted to see you in action:

Oh how you made your Daddy and me smile. What will you be when you grow up? A drill sergeant? A teacher? President? Illustrator of horror novels? Whatever it is, I am so looking forward to watching you discover what your future holds. Thank you for another great month, bear. I love you so very much.

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