Hunting Island

Trail to the BeachThere is a beautiful beach in South Carolina where you’ll find more sand dollars than people and without a single hotel or restaurant to break your view of the coastline – just a long line of dunes and scrubby brush leading to a lighthouse.

The beach is at Hunting Island State Park, and we were lucky enough to camp there last weekend. The weather was just right – warm in the afternoon for a pleasant time at the beach, but cool enough in the evenings for marshmallows (or crafts!) around the campfire.

To top it all off, we got to enjoy this great place with great friends. Camille and her buddies Lola and Fletcher would disappear into a tent or explore the woods nearby while we parents sat around the campfire and … that’s it, just sat. Now that’s a nice treat.

Crafts Around the CampfireTesting the WaterHappinessSand DollarLola the ArtistCamille and FletcherGetting Sandy

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