In the BackyardSaturday we hosted a party at our home for our church’s preschoolers and we had a bounce house. Did it rain in the days leading up to the party? No. Did it rain the day after the party? No. Did it rain the day of the party?

Why, yes. It did. We got in an hour of bouncing before the rain came and forced the party indoors, much to our collective chagrin.

The church party ended right after lunch, but since the bounce house was with us all day we had invited more friends to come bounce in the afternoon. There were periods of sun and rain all day, but as the second party began the skies were still being unkind. But since it wasn’t a major downpour, we decided to “bounce with it,” and piled all the kids AND grown ups inside the bounce house, where it was blissfully dry. And it was actually pretty fun in there.

Everybody BounceLola FairyThe skies cleared just in time for the bounce house rental company to come and retrieve their bouncer and break Camille’s heart. She cried like she was losing a beloved friend as they deflated the house and unceremoniously rolled it up and carted it away.

But thankfully, she still had some other beloved friends to play with, to eat popsicles with, and to slide with. A fine ending to a fine day in which we did not let the rain take the “bounce” from our steps.

Popsicle TonguesOn the SlideSliding

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