Month: June 2011

I Still Do

We’d both graduated from college; Lee was living and teaching in Gainesville, Georgia and I was living/working about 30 minutes away in the neighboring county. We’d been dating about six years by then and saw each other almost… Read More

As Wonderful as I Remembered

June 16, 2011When Lee and I decided to return to Tensing Pen in Negril, Jamaica for our 10th anniversary trip, I wondered if the resort would really be as great as I remembered. When we arrived here two… Read More

Letter to Camille: Fifty-Nine Months

Hi sweet bear! Happy 59 months to my almost-five-year-old almost-in-kindergarten girl. You are fresh off of your first week of summer break, and I just hope you don’t start thinking every week will be like last one. Your… Read More

Field Day and a Day at the Field

Camille had the chance to participate in another childhood rite of passage recently – the school Field Day competitions. She had a blast, and we had fun watching her compete and cheer her head off for her classmates…. Read More

A Reluctant Carnivore’s Nightmare

I woke up around 2 a.m. in a panicky sweat. I had just eaten a kitten in a dream, the whole time crying over my plate because it tasted so good but it was so wrong. I blame… Read More

Meeting Mr. Eli

On Mother’s Day, my dear sister-in-law received the best possible gift – a healthy baby. And last weekend we finally had a chance to meet Eli, an adorable bundle of cuddles and coos who couldn’t be any sweeter…. Read More