Meeting Mr. Eli

Meet Mr. EliOn Mother’s Day, my dear sister-in-law received the best possible gift – a healthy baby. And last weekend we finally had a chance to meet Eli, an adorable bundle of cuddles and coos who couldn’t be any sweeter. We love him so much already.

EliWith Uncle LeeAunt Ginger and EliIt was also great to visit with the rest of the family, and Camille loved cousin-time, running around in the grass with Jones or catching raindrops on their tongues. It won’t be long before Eli can join in the fun!

Running in the GrassTasting the RainIt’s hard to live so far away, but I’m grateful for these opportunities to bridge the distance. The visits are always too short, but we still manage to fit a lot of fun into a few days. Can’t wait to do it again.

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