A Sweet Party

When I got the invite to an after-hours Honey Tasting Party at Savannah Bee Company, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I love that store, and any shopping trip downtown usually includes a stop at Savannah Bee to indulge in some of their samples.

But this party was much more than a typical tasting. First of all, I was there with a great group of girl friends and we had the place to ourselves. The employees took turns describing the various honeys for us in great detail and I learned a lot. Like, for example, there is a barge carrying millions of bees floating on the water around Wilmington Island, positioned perfectly to take advantage of the nearby tupelo trees to make the prized tupelo honey.

Honey TastingWe sampled each of the honeys (each one was my favorite) and were then served honey-themed appetizers and desserts from local establishments. Hello chocolate filled with orange blossom honey. Nice to meet you.

Chocolate and HoneyThe finale of the evening was a serving platter featuring raw honeycomb, crackers, fresh apples, cheese and berries. Seriously delicious (and also very sticky).

The Grand FinaleI was a fan of Savannah Bee Company before. I think I might now be a fanatic.

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