Month: November 2011


Running for almost three hours gives you lots of time to think. Three weeks ago, during my half-marathon, I spent some of that time thinking about … well … running. Thinking about how much I used to dislike… Read More

Thanksgiving Roundup

This Thanksgiving we had a rare treat – an entire week off from school! We took advantage of the extra time and hit the road. Up first, Fitzgerald where Erin and her family were visiting. Eli changes and… Read More

Letter to Camille: 64 Months

Hello sweet girl and Happy 64 months! You are snug in your bed tonight, thrilled with another Georgia Bulldog win, and perhaps dreaming of all the fun that awaits you this week. You have an entire week out… Read More

My Little “Indian”

Camille’s class held a Thanksgiving feast today, and I got to watch my little “Indian” sing a couple of Thanksgiving songs. Some of the kids were pilgrims, but Camille was excited to be an Indian. We’ve been talking… Read More

Saying Thanks

With no school today, Camille got to watch the Veteran’s Day parade with some hot chocolate and some buddies (including the daughter of a veteran – how appropriate!). I asked her why we celebrate Veteran’s Day, and she… Read More


3 a.m.After a difficult time falling asleep, I am now convinced I have overslept. I look at the clock. Repeat until… 5:14 a.m.I turn off both alarm clocks, which had been set for 5:15. I go to the… Read More

36 Hours to “Go Time”

But who’s counting? Oh yeah. I am. Seriously, this half-marathon better get here quick because I can’t take much more of this waiting business. I’m obsessing about it, mostly in a positive, motivating way (I think). I’m checking… Read More