Here’s to 2011

2011 was great. Really great. And I think it was fitting to cap off the year enjoying this great place where we live and the great friends who share it with us.

New Years Eve arrived with brilliant blue skies and warm weather, so we met up with the Gaddys to explore the McQueen’s Island Trail. We had a chance to meet their sweet new pooch, Pepper, and let the kids and the dog wear themselves out on the trail while we enjoyed the setting sun and the breeze off the water.

McQueens Island TrailLate Afternoon on the TrailHere Comes Pepper!Sharing SecretsWith PepperAnd who knew palm fronds could be so fun?

Palm FrondFrondsThen we took the party to one of our favorite restaurants, The Crab Shack, where we enjoyed low country boil around the fire pits.

At the Crab ShackAnd we had these guys for company at the restaurant’s dock. Oh Tybee, you are so weird.

Santa BonesAnd wonderful.

Here’s to 2011! And welcome 2012!

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