Tea Party

In today’s political climate I hesitate to use Tea Party as a title for my post, but thankfully today’s treat had nothing to do with the Iowa Caucuses and everything to do with getting all dolled up and drinking tea out of fancy china.

Our Christmas break is coming to an end and Camille is back in school tomorrow, much to her chagrin. But we definitely made the most of our final vacation day of the season.

Camille put on her fanciest dress (navy tulle adorned with silver glitter) and we met up with girlfriends at the Savannah Tea Room.

Tea PartyThere were candles and flowers at the table, beautiful tea cups at every seat, and three excited girls trying not to talk too loudly while discussing who had put on lipstick and how they could get their hands on some more.

Savannah Tea RoomThe tea we ordered for them was already sweetened, but they couldn’t resist the rock sugar at the table and added copious amounts to each cup.

Lola at the Tea PartyCamille Samples the TeaElsie Takes a SipCamille enjoyed her lunch, but the biggest hit was the edible flower. It looked like an orchid to me, but the waiter said they were edible so she ate two of them. She won’t eat a french fry, but an orchid? Give her seconds, please!

We said good-bye to our lunch dates and then I made good on a promise to take Camille ice skating in Savannah. I left my phone (aka camera) in the car because I didn’t want to risk dropping it on the ice, but I do wish I’d been able to get some video of her skating today. In stark contrast to our last skating adventure, she spent very little time splayed out on the ice and most of the time really skating. We held hands as she zipped around the rink, and every now and then she’d say, “I’m going to skate by myself! Don’t hold my hand!” And I was simultaneously proud, a little sad and terrified that she’d hit her head on the ice without me there to catch her. But we all survived, and I’m excited to take her skating again next year.

A pretty great day!

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