The Goal

It has been 10 months since my friend (now running partner) planted the idea of a half-marathon in my head. The preposterous, laughable idea.

Her primary goal was for us to run a marathon relay at Disney (split evenly into 2 half-marathons), and now we’re just three days away from our attempt.

I don’t feel nearly as focused on this race as I did the Rock n Roll half, and that’s probably because I’ve had so many other distractions with the holidays and such. And also, I can now say I’ve done this distance before, so it’s not as daunting. But it’s still a long way to run and in unfamiliar territory, so those pre-race jitters are sure to begin sneaking in shortly. I’ll just have to turn them into energy.

Lee and I are so looking forward to taking Camille with us this time. We’ve signed her up for a kids race Friday morning, and part of our Christmas gift to her was some running clothes to wear on race day. Last week we did some training at Daffin Park and she definitely looked the part!

Training for her RaceOk – one last run and then it’s time to pack! (I will not forget my running shoes… I will not forget my running shoes…)

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