Hello 35, Nice to Meet You

Watch out world. I can run for President now.

Yesterday I officially entered my mid-thirties and I’m happy to report, things have started quite well. It’s interesting to me how one’s idea of a great birthday can evolve over the years. When you’re little, it’s all about gorging on cake and tearing open gifts, and having all your best buddies over for a party. Some years later it’s about a night out on the town, the kind that doesn’t end until the sun comes up. Who knows – in another 50 years it may be a lunch at Perkins Restaurant and a new set of dentures.

But yesterday, it was this. I woke up with my 6-year-old daughter creeping up to my bed in the dark, and whispering, “Happy birthday, Mommy.” Hugs and gifts followed. Lee took the day off work, and after taking Camille to school we ran the trails at Skidaway State Park. I’d never run there before and had been wanting to for a while.

Birthday Trail RunWe ran. We stopped. We took pictures. Lee made some birthday graffiti for me with chalk.

View from the TrailMind the Roots!Birthday Chalk GraffitiWe rewarded ourselves with some post-run carbs.

Pumpkin Spice DeliciousnessAfter lunch, Lee took me to the movies. After the movie, I blew out birthday candles with my girl, Boo and Erin. Then Lee took me for a fancy dinner, complete with Gran Marnier creme brulee. Then I was in bed by 9:30 with a good book.

Get in My BellyCan’t every day be my birthday? That was fun.

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