Letter to Camille: 76 Months

Camille at 76 Months

I’m writing this letter as I sit next to you on an airplane, Boston-bound for the Thanksgiving holiday. You’re flipping through a dinosaur activity book, but primarily you’re trying very hard to stay awake. We got up around 4 this morning to catch our flight – something you found incredibly exciting at the time.
“Good morning!” Boo said to you as we picked her up from her house on the way to the airport.
“No!” you shouted back. “Good middle of the night!” And then you laughed and laughed.
However, now the novelty is wearing off and the grumpiness is setting in, but still you manage to be a good traveler. No one around us will know you’re overtired, but your mama knows. And no matter how many times I tell you that you’ll feel better if you take a nap, you just can’t risk missing something.
Well, as long as you’re entertaining yourself, I will use this free time to reflect on the happenings of the last month. Most notably, it was Halloween! For many months leading up to Halloween, you thought you’d dress up as Batgirl. But then in August we visited the Museum of the American Indian in Washington, DC and that visit lit a spark. You were fascinated by the story, the clothing, the music and the culture of Native American people.
We talked some about the history of the American Indian – the good and the bad. The way many of the tribes welcomed and assisted our ancestors, and the poor way they were repaid.
On Columbus Day, you came home from school in a huff. “I don’t know why this is a holiday,” you said, disdainfully. “Columbus came to this country and then made all the Indians move. That wasn’t very nice.”
You feel the same way about Thanksgiving, unwilling to celebrate the Pilgrims, so I’m trying to help you remember the good parts of the story too. We definitely need to learn from the bad parts and not repeat past mistakes. But we also need to hold on to the good parts, remember why they’re good and learn from them, too. The parts about perseverance, bravery, adventure and sharing.
Thankfully, none of your buddies dressed as pilgrims for Halloween, so we didn’t have to spend that day rehashing the past. Boo made you a fantastic Indian costume, and you were thrilled.

Native American GirlOur family on HalloweenSilly GirlWith the Costume Maker

We joined up with buddies in the neighborhood and had a grand time trick-or-treating.

Trick or Treating 2012Skipping AlongSugar High

The weekend after Halloween was a big one. We were lucky to have our friends the Valleses come into town for the Savannah Rock n Roll Marathon weekend. After the adults raced on Saturday, your turn came on Sunday.
There was a 1-mile Kids Rock race planned in Daffin Park, and we got a team of kids together to represent your Daddy’s website, Brew Drink Run. We called you all Team BDR JR., and even got you all matching shirts.

Team BDR Jr.Team Support

You love to help Daddy on brew day, and you love to run, but we drew a slash through the word, “Drink.” You even started referring to the team as “Team Brew X Run.” Sounds good to me!
On race day I positioned myself at the finish line to catch photos of all the Team Members as they crossed. I didn’t get to see you running on the course, but Andrew got a photo of you in the final meters of the race.


I love this photo. I love how strong and healthy you look. How determined, how happy. You look like you’re flying, and you’re loving it. My happy, healthy, spirited girl. I love you oh so much.

With her MedalRace Buddies

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