Letter to Camille: 88 Months

88 Months

Hello my sweet girl, and Happy 88 Months! I am going to have a hard time with this post – not because of anything I will write. But because I will need to condense a month’s worth of photographs – really great photographs. Halloween. Our annual family photos. Camping. Races. Horses. Buddies.
Photos like these. How can I possibly choose which to post? 

Family Photo ShootGorgeousNuzzle nuzzle

We did our annual family photo shoot last month (thanks to the talented Ashley!), this time choosing the trails at Skidaway Island State Park. But choosing the location for the session wasn’t the hardest decision to make – the real nail-biter was wondering what you’d decide to wear. 
You see, you and I often make different style choices. I try very hard not to exert my will on your wardrobe, because I realize this is not a battle worth fighting. After all, you have to wear a school uniform 5 days a week. The least I can do is back off and let you pick your clothes on the weekends.
This is not as easy as it sounds though.
Over the past year or so, you have worn the same head scarf more times than I can count. This one.

Head ScarfIt’s a cute scarf, but your head is cute too and I want to see it from time to time. I may have “lost” the scarf for a couple of weeks because it needed a break.

You have a closet FULL of beautiful church dresses, but wore the same one two weeks in a row because when you sit down really quickly it goes, “poof.” 
You like animal prints, and in your mind, they all match. A leopard turtleneck with zebra capris? Match!
Last Sunday, you wore this beautiful, chic dress to church. And a pair of mismatched knee socks.

Dress and Knee SocksThe Socks

That same evening, you changed for a picnic in the park and put on another of your cute dresses. Then you accessorized by wrapping a chain around your head like a headband.


Most of the time, I just bite my tongue. I mean really, it’s kind of cute how unconcerned you are about the fashion trends of the day. Blissfully unconcerned. 
But for our family photos, I was hoping for something a little more mainstream. Thankfully you agreed to an adorable dress and sweater, and did not attempt to wear a head chain. I thought the danger was behind us, but then I sent you to put on socks and shoes. You came downstairs with BLACK shoes and NAVY socks.
Your Daddy raised his eyebrow and said, “You ok with the socks mom?”
“Yep,” I said, somewhat unconvincingly. 
The thing is, I know there will come a day when you won’t be so cavalier and carefree about these things. So when I look back on these pictures years from now, I think I’ll love the navy socks and black shoes. I’ll probably wish I’d let you wear your head scarf or your chain in these photographs. This is part of who you are right now – you aren’t afraid to be your own person. And that’s beautiful.

Family Photo Shoot 2013Navy socks. Black shoes. Just right.

As always, Halloween is another season ripe for picture-taking. First, Boo threw a Halloween bash in her backyard which we’ve now decided must be a tradition. BooFest was full of great games like apple bobbing and “pin the wart on the witch.” You and your cousins loved every minute.

BooFest 2013Bobbing for ApplesCreepyNot-So-Spooky Story Time

Then Halloween night arrived, warm and humid. This was unfortunate weather, since you had decided to be a fuzzy ewok. But what an adorable – and fierce – ewok you were, ready to take on “Harry Potter” Jones and “Fireman” Eli.

Ewok CamilleEwok and Harry Potter
TastyWatch Out Jones!

We gathered with buddies and headed into the neighborhood, but it wasn’t long before you were covered in sweat with flaming red cheeks, ready to go back home.

Halloween Crew 2013Headed Home, Hot and Sweaty

A couple of days later, you were invited to come ride at the barn in costume, and it still wasn’t fuzzy ewok weather. Fortunately you have a lot of costumes, so you opted to be a Jedi. Here you are on your favorite horse, Cassidy, light saber in hand, ready to take on the Dark Side.

Jedi Camille Atop Cassidy

There has been excitement at the barn this month, with the birth of a half dozen baby goats. One of them, beloved Eddie, has to be bottle fed – a task you thoroughly enjoy.

Feeding Eddie

On this day though, Eddie’s siblings wanted a snack too, but were more interested in your costume. Silly goats.

Delicious Jedi RobesTaking a BiteBring it On, Goats!

This month was also the annual Rock n Roll race weekend in Savannah, which happily brings friends together from near and far for all sorts of shenanigans. That Sunday, you and a crew of buddies ran the kids’ race, representing Team Brew Drink Run Jr. More good photographs. More good times. 

2013 Team BDR JRCousin ChokeholdRun Camille! Run!Proud Finishers

I’ll close now before this letter gets any longer or before I come across any more pictures I need to post. Thanks for giving us so many reasons to smile this month. I love you so much.
(Ok – just one more)
Hunting Island, SC

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