Freudian Photo

Millie and I had our picture made this week for a promotional thing at work. She loves to have her picture made. I think the picture turned out well, except for one thing. We were taking the picture… Read More

Rare Moment

In this rare moment, the two mortal enemies bond together for one important cause: to see who can leave more hair on the sofa.

World’s Laziest Hound Dog

When describing Millie to people, I often say, “She has 2 speeds. On or off.” One minute she can act like a Jack Russell on speed, flying through the house at a breakneck pace. The next, she can… Read More

Adventure Cat

I first knew something was wrong when I leaned down to put food in Luca’s bowl this morning. There was still food in it. My cat is a fat cat, not the kind to leave food in her… Read More

Drugged Doggie

I feel a bit like a failed mother, but our options were getting slim. We began medicating Millie today. I love her dearly, but last week I said to Lee, “I don’t care if it’s her or me,… Read More

Pavlov’s Theory

Who needed Pavlov to tell us dogs can be conditioned to certain sounds? Millie demonstrates that nightly. Do not make a sound that could be misconstrued as a “ding” or a “knock.” This will send her into hysterics…. Read More

Goodbye Ms. Maggie

I was at the vet with Millie today. She wasn’t sick, just needed her yearly check up and shots. We were in the waiting area when a man came in holding a dog. I think she was a… Read More


My cat is so evil. Here’s a perfect example. Today, I came home from lunch and was feeling very tired. I was lying down on the couch, relaxing, and she was sitting on the very top of the… Read More

Millie’s Parole Violation

Last month, Lee and I granted Millie the freedom of being left alone in the house – and she was a holy terror. We sentenced her to spending our working days in the crate. Well, today she was… Read More

Lazy Sunday

Today has been a good, basically lazy Sunday – just as Sunday’s should be. Lee and I went to church this morning, then shopping in Hilton Head. We got a new duvet cover. I’m going to sew some… Read More