Meeting The Not-So-Locals

Finally on Monday we decided to venture out for gasoline, this time driving in the opposite direction to the seaside town of Nosara, which only recently got its first gas station. We were eager to give them some… Read More

Hold Your Horses

What do you say to a runaway horse in a foreign country? I tried it all. “Whoa.” “Despacio.” “Alto.” I pulled back on the reins. When all those failed, I held on for dear life. A horseback ride… Read More

The Jungle Office

I don’t remember which of us had the idea first, but a couple of years ago Lee and I started talking about taking a trip. A big trip. A trip somewhere overseas. But we didn’t want it just… Read More

Settling In

Our first full day in Costa Rica, we went absolutely nowhere. We’d spent so much time traveling the day before, and were in no hurry to get back on that horrendous road to the house. The first order… Read More


Wednesday, my alarm was set for 4 a.m., so naturally I was up at 3:30. Camille, who is like me in many ways, was up at 3:59. It is difficult to sleep when adventure awaits. The next 12… Read More

Go Dawgs – Finish this Game Before I Melt!

Is there anywhere in the WORLD hotter than Sanford Stadium on the 1st of September? I think not. We had the great fortune to go to the Georgia Bulldogs’ home opener this year, and happy to have my… Read More

Riding That Train

When we decided to take a family trip to Washington, DC this summer, we thought we’d spice up the travel a bit and try something new. Well, actually, I guess it’s something old since it has been around… Read More

Hike to the Lake

Well hello there blog. It’s been a while. I haven’t been ignoring you. I haven’t run out of things to tell you. On the contrary, it has been a jam-packed few weeks and it’s hard sometimes to know… Read More


The first day we rode the subway in New York, I couldn’t help but notice how many people on the train could not keep their eyes open. Sitting? Snooze. Standing? Snooze. Everywhere snooze. I was too excited to… Read More

Camping Video

In addition to the pics already posted, I got some video on our camping trip as well – including our girl milking a cow. Adventures!