Month: February 2003

Get Bit

That’s the motto of the Cape Fear Fire Antz hockey team. Despite having an evil mascot, their jerseys are cool because they have flames. Lee, his dad, and I went to see the Fire Antz play the Winston-Salem… Read More


Today is not a good day to be afraid of fire. The story about the club fire and the almost 100 people who died is horrific. I have always been afraid of hotel fires, but I never thought… Read More


We’re really going to go. For years, I have been dreaming about going to Alaska. For at least five years I’ve actually been planning the trip. I remember dragging Lee into an Athens book store, pouring over different… Read More

Funny stuff

I just saw the funniest thing on TV ever. Lee and I were watching television, and there was a mistake during the commercials. Something got crossed, and you could see the video for one commercial but you were… Read More

All We Are Saying…

…Is give peace a chance. That song has been in my head. Things don’t look good for peace. I really hope this can all have a happy ending and everyone goes home and behaves, but I really don’t… Read More


I didn’t even know we had a space shuttle landing today. I didn’t even know we had a shuttle in the sky. That’s how little I keep up with our space program. Space shuttles take-off and land all… Read More