Month: April 2003


I am trying to be patient – but I can’t help myself! Lee and I bought my new computer last night, an ibook. He checked the order today, and a big, red “backordered” was stamped on it. I… Read More


For me, the story begins at 5:00 a.m. Sunday. Actually, it begins at 4:55 when Millie scratches at the door. I beg her to go back to sleep. She won’t. She is thirsty. So we go outside, then… Read More

Good-bye Clammy

It’s official. Clammy the ibook laptop was sold on Ebay last night. The buyer has paid, now all that’s left to do is ship the computer on Monday. I can’t believe it sold for $30 more than we… Read More

Marsh Moon


Yesterday, I got two rolls of film developed, and was very pleased with the results. I adore my camera, and I adore taking pictures even if some of them don’t turn out. But there were several good ones… Read More

Time Travel

Yesterday, I drove through some serious small towns headed southwest toward Moultrie for an annual Easter gathering. It was amazing to see the scenery change. From Savannah’s palm trees to south Georgia pine trees complete with white crosses… Read More


I’m very sad. Clammy the ibook laptop was posted for sale on ebay tonight. I feel as though I’ve signed the papers to have a beloved family pet put down. I was so excited to welcome Clammy into… Read More


It has been wonderful to see the television images of the statue of Saddam tumbling down, and Iraqis celebrating in the streets. I want to think they’re happy and grateful. I want to think the U.S. did something… Read More

Remembering Bloom

Sunday afternoon I was in the bedroom sorting laundry when I turned on the television. I saw the familiar sight of David Bloom atop his tank recovery vehicle and listened in. I always looked forward to his reports…. Read More

Casserole of Shame

Sometimes, trying a new recipe and cooking something wonderful just makes you feel good. But sometimes, trying a new recipe and cooking something… well… bad, just makes you feel crappy. I decided to tackle a new recipe tonight…. Read More