Month: May 2003


So far, our trip has been great. Our flights yesterday were fine, on time, and comfortable. I realized that was the first time I’ve flown since 9-11, and discovered a new travel rule. Always wear clean socks with… Read More

Vacation Begins

Setting your work email to send automatic out-of-office replies is a good feeling. So is changing your outgoing message on your voicemail to tell people you are finally on vacation. I may not get on the plane until… Read More


I’m never usually very good at putt-putt. But today, I did just fine. Not par, or anything, but enough to be the winner. Lee did have an impressive hole-in-one, but it was not enough for the win. However,… Read More

Bon Voyage

Yesterday, our good friend Dave boarded a plane and left town for good. First, he’ll visit family in California, then start a great new job in Miami. We were all sad to see him go. But before he… Read More


Tengo un problema. Estoy adicto a Shakira. I now have my second Shakira C.D. The very special thing about my new C.D. is the accompanying lyrics sheet. I love to sing along to songs. I love speaking Spanish…. Read More

He’s My Star

The local paper, Savannah Morning News, does a weekly feature of a local business called Surfin’ Sites. The feature tells a little about that business, then lets the business recommend some favorite web sites. Well today’s featured business… Read More

Thank You, Good People

I would say that tonight, my faith in the good of people was restored – but really, I hadn’t lost that faith. Instead, my faith in good people was re-enforced. About a month ago, I was at Bar… Read More

Two Weeks and Counting

Two weeks from tonight, Lee and I will be scrambling to pack for our big trip to Alaska. We’ll be doing last minute laundry, wondering why we waited until the last minute, and I’ll be running to Wal-Mart… Read More

Nine Wonderful Years

Was it a date? Was it just a “friends” thing? 9 years ago today – I wasn’t sure. Lee and I went to see “The Crow” at the Tifton movie theater. I had to lie to get in,… Read More

Sugar Rush

Erin, Alva, Lee and I went to the Sand Gnats game tonight, and had a lot of fun. It was Feed Your Face Monday, which meant for six bucks, you got all-you-can-eat concessions. We ate all we could… Read More