Month: August 2003

Pep Rally

I was at a pep rally today, also attended by two high school bands. I love the drumlines of marching bands. Maybe it’s silly, but it reminds me of fresh fall air, football, and the company of friends… Read More

Hazard Pay

I had a bit of an adrenaline rush at work today. A photographer and I were heading to a story when suddenly, two police cars swerved around a corner and into the road in front of us. We… Read More


What a great movie. Lee and I went to see Spellbound tonight. It’s a documentary about the National Spelling Bee. Anna recommended it months ago, and she was right – it’s great. The movie introduces you to several… Read More

Adventure Cat

I first knew something was wrong when I leaned down to put food in Luca’s bowl this morning. There was still food in it. My cat is a fat cat, not the kind to leave food in her… Read More

Curb Appeal

It’s project time again. Every now and then, Lee and I get it in our crazy minds that we want to do something to spruce up our house. It always costs twice as much and takes three times… Read More

On Sale, Proud of it

I love a good bargain, and sometimes I like to brag if I get something at a great price. But I never thought it was “cool.” Today is the first day of school here. Kids are wearing their… Read More

Food is Good

Lee and I have been experimenting with new food dishes the past week or two. It has been fun. We’d grown tired of eating the exact same things over and over. Lee set up my computer with a… Read More

The Heavens

Today, Lee and I went to Athens to help Erin move to a new apartment. We drove round trip in one day, about 8-9 hours total. The sky was so wonderful. Not because it was sunny and blue… Read More

Fun Time

I realized I was skipping. At work. Today, my company held a quarterly meeting, but decided to make it a more festive affair. As I drove into the parking lot this morning, I saw them setting up. Lots… Read More