Crazy Landscape Man

Lee and I are finally taking the landscaping plunge. Tired of our grassless front yard, tired of killing all the plants we buy, tired of a yard that would be better swept with a broom than raked or mowed – we called a landscaper.
At first, we just wanted to someone to talk to us about grass. We figured if we could put some sod down, it would make the yard look greener and cleaner, and surely wouldn’t break the bank.
Then Mr. Landscape Man came over, and crazy things started streaming from his mouth. Wonderfully crazy things. Suddenly it wasn’t just sod anymore, it was a whole tranformation. Back yard, front yard, even Millie’s yard. Pruning, limbing, sodding, planting, shaping, and on and on. Even a sprinkler system.
Now we’re just trying to decide how much of it we can afford. We think Mr. Landscape Man is giving us a good deal, but as any landscaper should know, money doesn’t grow on trees.
He is a bit crazy though. Loves to talk. Loves to interrupt himself as he talks. Loves to chain-smoke little skinny cigars. Constantly reminds us that he’s never late, even though he was 2 hours late yesterday.
I’m not worried he’ll find this blog entry though. When he asked Lee what he did for a living and Lee said, “web designer,” Mr. Landscape Man said, “That has something to do with computers, right?” I think I’m pretty safe writing here.

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