Month: June 2004

Looking Back, Looking Forward

I knew I used the internet a lot, but I didn’t realize how often until a bad lightening storm took my internet away. I’ve had plenty to write about, but no way to post my writing so I… Read More

My Tambourine Man

A one-of-a-kind dad deserves an equally unique present on Father’s Day. No tie would do this year. Dad didn’t need a noose around his neck to remind him of work. He needed something to celebrate his free spirit…. Read More

So Long Good Friends

Sipping margaritas next to the ocean was nice, but the company was even nicer. Lee and I went to dinner last night with Michelle and Brian, and although it was a fun evening, there was a note of… Read More


When my mom and dad bought Abbey for my birthday 12 years ago, they decided not to clip her ears. I’m so glad. When she was a puppy, you’d have to smile when you looked at her because… Read More

The Real G8 Report

Sure, sure, the world’s most powerful leaders gathered and discussed ways to solve the world’s AIDS problem, bring democracy to the middle east, and save the turtles, but that has all been well-documented. Instead, I’d like to write… Read More

A Day of Rest

Today is my last day of rest before life gets a little hairy. With the G8 Summit coming to our area, and everything that may come with it, these next few days could be some of the most… Read More