A Spirited Neighbor

This is the view from our front porch.
I shouldn’t have been surprised.
When I turned down my street tonight after work, it was dark – except for the strange glow I could see near my house. As I got closer, I realized the bright lights were coming from my neighbor’s yard. And there he was, stringing more and more Christmas lights.
This shouldn’t come as a surprise because he has Christmas lights up all year. White lights have draped the fence around his back deck since March. Even as those lights blew, he kept the useless, unlit strands hanging there. To the one remaining section of working white lights, he added orange and green lights around Halloween. They’re still there. Still glowing.
Now the front yard boasts white, green, red, and blue lights. But I really don’t mind – it’s a bit over the top for me, but it’s his yard, he can get as merry as he wants. I just hope he takes these lights down after Christmas and doesn’t leave all of them blazing until next year.