On Stage Again

When I graduated from high school almost 10 years ago, I thought that ended my high school drama career. But it was revived this weekend. The folks at the Savannah Arts Academy invited me to be in their “1940s Radio Show” production. I did a comedy sketch, an old Burns and Allen routine.
It was a bit crazy trying to memorize lines and make it to rehearsals during the middle of my work day. To be quite honest, opening night – I was terrified. What if I dropped my lines? What if I tripped? During dress rehearsal, the zipper on the back of my dress had come completely undone. What if that happened during the real show?
I don’t remember getting that nervous during high school – but I think it’s because I felt more prepared then. I had only managed to make it to 2 rehearsals, so I was still very unsure of everything. But thankfully, none of those horrible things happened. I remembered my lines, and my clothing stayed in place.
I was nostalgic sitting on stage and watching the other high-school aged actors. Lee and I both commented that we could see some of our old friends in them. The experience did make me miss theater. One day, if my schedule allows, I’d love to get into it again.