The Animal Touch

I will either need to apologize to some of the people receiving gifts from us this Christmas, or I’ll need to do some last minute rewrapping. Our animals have put their “stamp” on many of the gifts beneath our tree.
Luca has decided this present makes a perfect bed. Unfortunately, she’s so fat, the box has collapsed in the middle under her weight. You can see her fat hanging off the front. Thank goodness the gift inside isn’t breakable. This is where she spends most of her time now – beneath the tree, on the gift. I’ll definitely have to rewrap this one. I’m not discouraging her though, because this keeps her off the other gifts.
Or so I hoped.
Just this weekend, she began rummaging through the others, and I think there’s a box in the very back that may be another casualty. I’ve piled up the presents around it in the hopes she won’t be able to reach it, but it may require re-wrapping as well.
The cat is not the only offender. The dog doesn’t lay on the presents, she tramples them. In her haste to attack the cat or chase a toy (one and the same to her) she has stepped on a couple of presents. One box has been crushed on two ends. Fortunately it’s a “white elephant” gift for my family get together, so I don’t think I’ll rewrap it. I think it adds character.