Month: March 2005


I am guacamole. When I bleed, the blood is green. Lee and I just returned from a wonderful trip to California, where we enjoyed good company, beautiful landscapes, and fabulous Mexican food. I ate guacamole with nearly every… Read More

The Long Walk

I woke up this morning excited. After attending off and on for three years, Lee and I were finally going to join our church. Or as the pastor liked to say, “make it official.” We followed our usual… Read More

Fashion Failings

When I see some young people and the trendy things they wear, I’m jealous of their good fashion sense and their willingness to take fashion risks. But tonight I was reminded that there are still plenty of young… Read More

Fun With Wireless

Technology is wonderful. Here I sit in the County Commission meeting room, with my laptop open in front of me, no wires – yet I can surf the web and check email for free. The same was true… Read More

It’s His Birthday!

It is beautiful outside. Warm. Sunny. Tulips are blooming in the squares, and some azalea blossoms are already beginning to show their faces. But best of all, it’s Lee’s birthday. I’m glad nature cooperated to make this special… Read More

Zoo Fabulous

Last weekend Lee and I visited my parents in Tennessee. It was nice to take a road trip, but most of all, it was nice to see my folks again. We had hoped for snow, but since we… Read More