Month: May 2005

I Don’t Even Know How to Title This

I did it. I finally did it. After years of wondering what to do, I quit my job today. Two weeks from today I will be closing the door on one career, and walking into another one. Exciting… Read More


I’m so glad Lee and I have been to the beach several times already this season. Usually fall comes, and I suddenly wonder where the summer went and why I didn’t spend more of it at the beach…. Read More

A Good Weekend

I know it is Tuesday night already, but I’m just finding time to write about what a good weekend I had. Friday night, Lee and I celebrated our dating anniversary. Our first date was on Friday the 13th… Read More

Tybee Night

Summer is definitely on the way. When I stepped outside today, the air wrapped around me like a warm blanket. It felt so good. I know it may only be a matter of days before it transitions into… Read More


First – let me say that it’s Mother’s Day and I really miss my mom. She is such a great mother and while I can send her cards and flowers and gifts – nothing is quite like giving… Read More

House Hunt

It’s a good thing my Volvo only sips gasoline, because Lee and I have burned a considerable amount of it driving around this town the past few months and looking at houses. And I am so undecided. We… Read More