Month: November 2005

Extremely Slow Home Makeover

I feel a little bit like the people on Extreme Home Makeover who are sent away for a week while a crew rebuilds their home. We’re headed back to Savannah tomorrow after a week away – during which… Read More

Now That’s a Party

When Lee opened the iron gate so I could pass through, I felt like a character in a movie based on the old south. We were all dressed up, climbing the stairs of a beautiful antebellum mansion, and… Read More


Yesterday, the tilers put down cement backing board. Today, they laid out most of the tile for our new kitchen/laundry/bathroom. Tomorrow, grout. Then I plan to lie down on the cool tiles and roll around and around. I’m… Read More

Sew Good

It’s just a pillow. A chocolate colored pillow made of soft suede sitting against the back of a living room chair. It’s not perfect, but it’s a start. Yesterday was my birthday, and Lee got me a sewing… Read More

Not Just My Imagination

For years, I’d been highlighting my hair blond. Finally, about a year ago, I decided the blond was washing me out and I wanted to go back to being naturally brunette. I was surprised by how much I… Read More