Month: April 2006

Letter to Baby: Week 24

Hello little one! Are you enjoying the music your daddy is playing? It’s up loud because he’s in the next room painting furniture for your nursery and wouldn’t be able to hear it otherwise. I don’t mind, because… Read More

A Relaxing Moment, Nearly 5 Years in the Making

In my opinion, there are few things as relaxing as a lying in a hammock. Something about the way it cradles your body as you sit suspended a few feet above the ground on a clear day is… Read More

Busy Day

I am exhausted, but pleased. Lee and I had quite a busy day, but accomplished several fun things. When we got up this morning, before the storms blew in, we readied our application to be on HGTV’s The… Read More

Letter to Baby: Week 22 (and a half)

Good morning little one! You must be sleepy this morning. Yesterday, you had me worried because you didn’t seem to be wiggling around as much. But you made up for it with your gymnastics before I went to… Read More