Month: June 2006

Letter to Baby: Week 35

Hello little one! I hope you are enjoying your nap. You seem to have settled down for a bit after kicking and squirming all evening. I still like playing with your elbow, but now I seem to have… Read More

When Paperwork Gets Too Personal

This afternoon, I finally began filling out some of the paperwork required for my upcoming maternity leave and short-term disability check. The disability form is the same whether your “condition” is pregnancy or a nail in the head…. Read More

A Happy 5th Anniversary

I love to travel, and almost as soon as we were home from our honeymoon, I was already thinking about our next trip. We’ve spent anniversaries camping in the mountains, photographing glaciers in Alaska, or enjoying a museum… Read More

Letter to Baby: Week 33

Hello little one! You’re still my little one, but you’re getting bigger all the time. We got to see you again yesterday in an ultrasound, and you’ve grown so much your whole head doesn’t even fit into the… Read More

Feeling The Love

I felt a warmth all weekend that had nothing to do with the 99 degree weather. It’s the feeling that comes from looking around and seeing nearly all the people who are most important to you gathered together… Read More

And Summer Begins

For some people, summer begins on Memorial Day. Others mark the start of the season at the June solstice. But for me, summer began today, when I cut open my first watermelon of the year. And the first… Read More