Month: June 2007


Six years! 6! VI! Saturday, Lee and I celebrated our six year anniversary. As I was looking for a good picture to accompany this blog entry, I realized we hadn’t taken a picture of just the two of… Read More

Letter to Camille: Eleven Months

Hello sweet pea, and Happy 11 month birthday! I can hardly believe that this time a year ago, we had just bought your rocking chair. The very chair I rocked you in tonight. We were so excited and… Read More

Letter to Camille: Your Daddy Rocks

Hello sweet pea! Did you know today is a special day? It’s your Daddy’s first Father’s Day, and whether you realized that or not, you sure did give him lots of sweet hugs and smiles. And I’m glad… Read More

Silver Linings

After spending several weekends traveling, Lee, Camille and I have had the last couple of weekends at home. It’s been wonderful, but has also caused an old, familiar longing to resurface. I need a group of moms and… Read More

A Real Pain in the Ears

For the first 9 months of Camille’s life, I listened with sympathy to friends whose babies were struggling with ear infections, all the while grateful we’d been spared the problem. I’d heard that babies often either get chronic… Read More

Compliments to the Chef

It’s not like I spent hours in the kitchen, carefully preparing a fine, delicate dish or anything. But Miss Camille LOVED the spaghetti I made for lunch, and I was flattered. I guess it wasn’t technically spaghetti –… Read More

Wonder What’s On My Mind?

Last night, Lee and I were discussing how well his business is going. The one downside to all his success is that he has a client overload, and often has to work at night and on weekends to… Read More