Month: March 2009

Egg Hunt: Take 1

Camille totally rocked her first Easter egg hunt of the season – well, her first official one anyway. She’s been practicing for a couple of weeks now in our backyard. It all began when Nana was visiting and… Read More

Daddy Date

This afternoon, Lee took Camille on a little Daddy-Daughter date to a place I’ve never been before – Savannah’s Back in the Day Bakery. How have I missed this place? An oversight I’ll remedy soon. The two shared… Read More

Sealing Their Fates

It has been almost 48 hours, and I’m encouraged by the fact that all the new flowers are still alive. There is that one plant that looks kind of wilted… but alive, so it still counts. Thanks to… Read More

My Kitty is Emo

This video cracks me up, and Camille is a huge fan as well. Can’t get enough of Emo Kitty!  

Letter to Camille: Thirty-Two Months

Hello sweet silly bear, and Happy 32 Month Birthday! The baby monitor is quiet right now, as you seem to have drifted off peacefully into sleep. But this month, you’ve really been entertaining us (and yourself) during naptime,… Read More

Silly by the Seashore

A couple of weekends ago, the weather was too nice to be ignored, so we took Camille to the beach. She was in a great mood, and a very silly one at that, and we captured her hamming… Read More

Bib and Cloth Project

I’d been wanting to tackle another craft project, and when my friend Jody had a baby it was the perfect opportunity to try making a bib and matching burp cloth. The project was pretty easy, and I thought… Read More

Good Company

So far, March has been a month of visitors, and that’s a very good thing. The first weekend we enjoyed Boo’s company. The second weekend, we had the good fortune to host Glen, one of Lee’s old college… Read More

A Princess Dolphin

I can only begin to imagine how excited Miss Camille might be if she ever came across one of THESE: A PINK DOLPHIN! How cool is that? Apparently, it’s an albino dolphin swimming around a lake in Louisiana…. Read More