Month: May 2009

They’re Making a Comeback

We’re settling back in tonight after an extended-weekend trip to visit my parents in Tennessee. Of course, they always have some new toy or stuffed animal or book for Camille to play with, and she loves them all…. Read More

Letter to Camille: Thirty-Four Months

Hi sweet sleeping princess, and happy 34-month birthday! Tonight, as I write, you are not cuddled down in your crib, but rather you’re sleeping peacefully in your big girl bed. How exciting! You really didn’t seem to mind… Read More

Front Page, Above the Fold

My girl is famous. I was both surprised and delighted to find out that a picture of Camille (oh, and there may have been a few other kids too) was on the front page of today’s paper! The… Read More

Fun for my Elmo Fan

We introduced Camille to live theater today, and I’m happy to report it was a success! We joined her buddies Elsie and Sterling to see “Elmo Live!” at the Civic Center. I had mentally prepared for the possibility… Read More

The Definition of R&R

A couple of months ago, in the midst of a super-busy time at work, Lee and I agreed that a vacation was in order. And not just any kind of vacation – the kind that involves doing absolutely… Read More

Gotta Have a Talk with that Teacher

All the way home from school, Lee and I like to quiz Camille about her day. Mostly it’s because we’re so curious about what she’s up to at school, but also partly because her answers are pretty funny…. Read More

Barn Serenade

Last week at Oatland Island, Camille found a recorder for sale at the center’s gift shop. That recorder has provided quite a bit of entertainment (especially for the bargain basement price of $1). As we walked to the… Read More

The Paci Fairy

The Paci Fairy is either going to come out of this experiment as a hero or a heartless hag. And I will come out of this experiment with more gray hair for sure. So, the quick advance of… Read More