Month: October 2009

Supergirl Flies Again

What a fun thing it is to be three years old and run around in costume collecting candy from neighbors. And what fun it is to be a mom watching her daughter experience it all. Camille decided to… Read More

Happy Halloween!

Camille likes getting dressed for dance class, but was especially enthusiastic yesterday because she got to wear her new Halloween tutu. I wish I could take credit for making this, but alas, I can only take credit for… Read More

Letter to Camille: Thirty-Nine Months

Hello sweet girl, and welcome to Month Thirty-Nine! You’re having a pretty fabulous day so far today. It started this morning with a trip to the airport to pick up your Granddaddy. When you saw him walking toward… Read More

Batty for Cupcakes

It has been a crazy week or so with lots of fun things to write about, but I’ve just been too busy to write! Our camping trip was great (although not without adventure) and I look forward to… Read More

Bathroom Remodel: Inhale, Exhale

I had planned to post nightly bathroom remodel updates, but instead I’ve been busy taking deep breaths in a paper bag and trying not to faint. Lee and I have been having commitment issues – not with each… Read More

Hello Old Friend

With T-minus 6 days until we launch our first family camping adventure, I spent the afternoon digging through the garage hunting for our camping gear. This gear has been hidden away for seven years and I didn’t know… Read More

…Only a Hippopotamus Will Do…

I have officially decided that pygmy hippopotamuses are the cutest non-human animals EVER. How fun to hold a hippo in the palm of your hand? I could eat this baby pygmy hippo. I really could. Thanks!