Month: October 2010

Her Very Own Day

Yesterday, it was officially Alva Heidel day in Fitzgerald, Georgia. The Mayor said so and even had a plaque to prove it. People packed into a reception hall for a retirement party in her honor. She has spent… Read More

Camille’s CBS Sports Debut

That’s right, my daughter has a quote in an article on, and it’s not about the Georgia Bulldogs. It’s about the peanut butter stomp. Lee has a quote too (a much longer one, but then again, he’s… Read More

Not My Best Shots

I love love love taking pictures, and of course Camille is a favorite subject. Most of the time she’s cooperative, but occasionally the mama paparazzi is just too much. Had to share a couple of recent shots that… Read More

Letter to Camille: Fifty-One Months

Hello sweet bear and Happy 51 months! Plus a few days. This letter is a bit late, but for a good cause. I’ve been helping with the book fair at your school these past couple of weeks, and… Read More

From Disgusting to Deeelish

Camille’s teacher sent home a flyer last week requesting goodies for an end-of-month pumpkin party, and one of the wish list items was pumpkin cookies. A quick search of a favorite website uncovered a recipe for mini pumpkin… Read More

A Perfect Fall Weekend

Somehow, in the humid and heated haze of September, I forgot how glorious October in Savannah can be. Skies of an impossible blue. Cardigan cool mornings that warm into short-sleeved afternoons. This time of year it seems the… Read More

Chatham Area Transit: FAIL

A month ago Lee and I decided to give public transportation a try. Rather than paying for two expensive parking spots downtown, we would pay for just one. We’d ride to work together every day, I’d use the… Read More

Love that Town

When it came to Trent and Michelle’s wedding, we’d have gone anywhere to celebrate with them. But we were thrilled with their choice of Athens. Every time I come back to that town, waves of fondness wash over… Read More