Month: August 2011

Letter to Camille: 61 Months, Part 2

Hello again, my sweet bear! We are now halfway through our second week of kindergarten, and it has been a bit of a bumpy ride – but that’s not what this letter is about. Things have finally smoothed… Read More

My First 5K

This is another post from the running archives. I detail my experience in my first 5K back in July, including horse farms, bad jokes and a little bit of vomit. July 2, 2011One week ago today, I finished… Read More

Letter to Camille: 61 Months, Part 1

Happy 5 years and 1 month (plus a day or two) sweet bear! Today is the last day of your summer break – the last day before you turn into a kindergartener. And what a crazy few days… Read More

20-Minute Run and Race Preps

Two more entries from the running archive. May 13, 2011 – The 20-minute RunOver the past few days, every time I thought about today’s run I felt nervous butterflies in my stomach. Prior to this week, my longest… Read More

Taking it on the Road

Another entry from the running archives. This post was written on May 12.Over the past few weeks I’ve discovered another unexpected benefit of running. It’s so simple it shouldn’t have come as a surprise, but it was something… Read More

Kid Custom Tee

That Boo is one crafty lady. She and Camille created this one-of-a-kind t-shirt with just cardstock and bleach water, and I think it’s super cute. I plan to steal the idea and use it over and over again…. Read More

2 Week Countdown

Although the weather gives no hint that the end of summer is nearing, my calendar indicates otherwise. Two weeks are all we have left of summer break. Just two weeks until my big girl goes to the Big… Read More