Month: November 2012

Letter to Camille: 76 Months

I’m writing this letter as I sit next to you on an airplane, Boston-bound for the Thanksgiving holiday. You’re flipping through a dinosaur activity book, but primarily you’re trying very hard to stay awake. We got up around… Read More

Hello 35, Nice to Meet You

Watch out world. I can run for President now. Yesterday I officially entered my mid-thirties and I’m happy to report, things have started quite well. It’s interesting to me how one’s idea of a great birthday can evolve… Read More

The Best Finish

At 8 a.m. Saturday, the starting horn blasted at the intersection of Bay and Bull Streets. Somewhere far in front of us, Andrew was in corral 4, beginning to inch toward the banner that demarcated the start of… Read More

Let’s Do This!

If all goes well, this time tomorrow I’ll have a light and happy heart, tired legs, and a finisher’s medal dangling around my neck. I love pre-race energy. I crave pre-race energy. And with a race this big,… Read More