Silly by the Seashore

A couple of weekends ago, the weather was too nice to be ignored, so we took Camille to the beach. She was in a great mood, and a very silly one at that, and we captured her hamming… Read More

Not Hereditary

I cannot stand for my feet to be cold, which is unfortunate because they stay cold much of the winter. The other night, even in bed with an electric blanket on, I couldn’t get my feet warm enough…. Read More

Redneck Baby Doll

You know your baby doll is a redneck when… So tonight, Camille was playing with Baby Oscar while I was folding clothes. She found the used dryer sheet and lovingly placed it over Baby Oscar’s naked form like… Read More

Parade Practice

Last week we took advantage of some ridiculously warm and sunny weather to enjoy the Georgia Day parade downtown. It’s a celebration of Georgia history, and nearly every elementary school in Chatham County sends a delegation of students… Read More

A Video (or Two)

Last weekend, we had a great visit with Erin and Jones and Boo in Fitzgerald. Jones is changing and growing so fast, and was scooting all around the floor working on his crawling. I can tell Miss Camille… Read More


I know I am a very lucky Mama to have such a laid-back, easy-going, fun-loving child. Like most toddlers, she picks fights now and then, but her little fits and tantrums are usually pretty easy to manage and… Read More

It’s Dancey-Dance Time!

Camille had a great playdate with her buddy Elsie today. One of the highlights was watching the two of them shake their groove things with Brobee from Yo Gabba Gabba.  It’s Dancey-Dance Time! from Ginger on Vimeo.


I’ve been jonesing for a chance to take Camille to the zoo, especially since she seems to love animals as much as I do. We enjoy our neighborhood Oatland Island Wildlife Education Center, which has wolves, buffalo, a… Read More

A Merry Little Christmas

Christmas morning was great. For the first time in our married years, Lee and I spent Christmas Eve and morning in our own home. That didn’t seem nearly as important in years past, but it’s something I’d like… Read More

Happy Holidays!

In just the last three weeks, we’ve driven more than 2700 miles, traversed 5 states, been hosts to family members and then the guests of family members, and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. We just arrived back home tonight after… Read More