The School Girl

We have the first day of school under our belts, and we all came through just fine. Camille was so excited to go to school this morning – excited about her uniform, her lunch box, her bookbag, the… Read More

Pre-K Eve

Her name is on her lunchbox. Her bookbag is by the front door. Her mama is conflicted. Camille starts pre-k tomorrow. In 12 hours she begins a new chapter – we all begin a new chapter. A week… Read More

My Dancing Girl

One week ago today, Camille made her stage debut. She performed during two songs at her long-anticipated dance recital – one tap and one ballet. We were so proud of her! I managed not to cry, but it… Read More

Bring on Christmas!

I think age three is a pretty spectacular time to celebrate Christmas – plenty old enough to get very excited about all the holiday trimmings! We picked out our tree yesterday, and just happened to show up at… Read More

Supergirl Flies Again

What a fun thing it is to be three years old and run around in costume collecting candy from neighbors. And what fun it is to be a mom watching her daughter experience it all. Camille decided to… Read More

Happy Halloween!

Camille likes getting dressed for dance class, but was especially enthusiastic yesterday because she got to wear her new Halloween tutu. I wish I could take credit for making this, but alas, I can only take credit for… Read More

Running the Bases … Almost

Last Sunday, the Savannah Sand Gnats baseball team held their last home game of the season in Grayson Stadium and we couldn’t miss it. Camille seems to really enjoy the experience this year … or let’s be honest,… Read More

Robot Computer Fairy

I just love this picture. One of Camille’s birthday presents was a pink laptop, and the first day she got it, she announced, “I have to make a little website!” Lee and I thought this was hilarious, given… Read More

They’re Making a Comeback

We’re settling back in tonight after an extended-weekend trip to visit my parents in Tennessee. Of course, they always have some new toy or stuffed animal or book for Camille to play with, and she loves them all…. Read More

Front Page, Above the Fold

My girl is famous. I was both surprised and delighted to find out that a picture of Camille (oh, and there may have been a few other kids too) was on the front page of today’s paper! The… Read More