Fun for my Elmo Fan

We introduced Camille to live theater today, and I’m happy to report it was a success! We joined her buddies Elsie and Sterling to see “Elmo Live!” at the Civic Center. I had mentally prepared for the possibility… Read More

Gotta Have a Talk with that Teacher

All the way home from school, Lee and I like to quiz Camille about her day. Mostly it’s because we’re so curious about what she’s up to at school, but also partly because her answers are pretty funny…. Read More

Barn Serenade

Last week at Oatland Island, Camille found a recorder for sale at the center’s gift shop. That recorder has provided quite a bit of entertainment (especially for the bargain basement price of $1). As we walked to the… Read More

The Paci Fairy

The Paci Fairy is either going to come out of this experiment as a hero or a heartless hag. And I will come out of this experiment with more gray hair for sure. So, the quick advance of… Read More

I Blame the Care Bears

I know I can’t shelter Camille forever from all the negative, violent influences of the world, but I thought it would be a bit longer before we had to discuss the problem of guns. Then she got a… Read More

Budding Artist

We FINALLY got around to ordering paper for Camille’s easel, which arrived at about the same time she was given a new paint and stencil set by some friends. She’s been painting at school for a while, but… Read More

More Easter Fun

First, a comment on the weather. How is it possible that my day started cool enough that the heater kicked on in the house, yet this afternoon: Oh yes, that’s my child in a swimsuit, running around her… Read More

A Berry Good Time

Where to begin? The last week has been super busy, but so much fun too. Lee and I had the fantastic opportunity to take in three Savannah Music Festival shows and my ears are still happy from all… Read More

Egg Hunt: Take 1

Camille totally rocked her first Easter egg hunt of the season – well, her first official one anyway. She’s been practicing for a couple of weeks now in our backyard. It all began when Nana was visiting and… Read More

Daddy Date

This afternoon, Lee took Camille on a little Daddy-Daughter date to a place I’ve never been before – Savannah’s Back in the Day Bakery. How have I missed this place? An oversight I’ll remedy soon. The two shared… Read More