The Hold Steady Almost Killed Me

Ok, so that title is an album reference and no cause for alarm (mom and dad, I’m looking at you), but I was figuratively nearly slain by The Hold Steady last night. Lee introduced me to this band… Read More


For several years now, Lee and I have been wishing for a boat. Driving on the bridges spanning the local waterways, I’d look out at the boats going by with a longing to be out on the water… Read More

Wheel Of Misfortune

I love game shows. It’s true. I don’t watch them as much now as I used to, but when I was in college I watched an awful lot of The Price is Right and Wheel of Fortune. I… Read More

Yes We Can!

I am very happy this morning about the passage of Obama’s health care legislation last night. However, after waking up to the rancorous discourse on television, radio and all over my Facebook page, I need a palate cleanser…. Read More

I Blame the Parents

I know it takes a village to raise a child, but last Sunday I felt like a lone villager dealing with a whole heap of the village’s kids. Camille was invited to her first Chuck-E-Cheese birthday party, and… Read More

Southern Hospitality

Even though I didn’t get to see President Obama today, anyone in the vicinity of Savannah Technical College where he spoke definitely knew something was up. On my way to run errands with Camille, I made a slight… Read More


I guess I really shouldn’t be disappointed. After all, the man (or his people) did choose my town for a visit. I’m just bummed that it’s an invite-only visit. Tomorrow, the Prez is coming to Savannah as part… Read More

A Squeal for a Seal

I’m pretty sure I have to have a baby seal for a pet now. Thanks Cute Overload!

A Trip to the Temple

I’m going to brag for a minute about something other than my sweet girl… I like my church for a lot of reasons, and our engagement with churches of other faiths is pretty high on that list. There… Read More

Happy Noon Year!

We have no big New Year’s Eve plans and I’m fine with that. After a busy month of travel, I’m looking forward to chill-out time on the sofa with my main squeeze, a glass of wine and maybe… Read More