A Perfect Fall Weekend

Somehow, in the humid and heated haze of September, I forgot how glorious October in Savannah can be. Skies of an impossible blue. Cardigan cool mornings that warm into short-sleeved afternoons. This time of year it seems the… Read More

Chatham Area Transit: FAIL

A month ago Lee and I decided to give public transportation a try. Rather than paying for two expensive parking spots downtown, we would pay for just one. We’d ride to work together every day, I’d use the… Read More

A Face Only a Mother Could Love

… except, this poor baby bamboo lemur was rejected by its mother. Thankfully, according to, a zoo employee is now caring for the lemur baby. Is it so ugly it’s cute? Maybe. I kind of want to… Read More

Pre-K Eve

Her name is on her lunchbox. Her bookbag is by the front door. Her mama is conflicted. Camille starts pre-k tomorrow. In 12 hours she begins a new chapter – we all begin a new chapter. A week… Read More

Early Author Ambitions

I was digging through boxes in our attic tonight looking for an old toy I wanted to show Camille when I found something unexpected. As soon as I opened the box and saw the familiar hot pink notebook… Read More

The Marshmallows Roasted Themselves

Brace yourself for the understatement of the century: it’s hot. Today’s high temp was around 100, but the heat index was the real clincher, hovering around 120 degrees. It’s the kind of heat that smacks you in the… Read More

Wherein a Post About Shots Turns Into a Rant About Parents

If you want to make me feel woozy and nauseous, just bring a syringe into my line of sight. I’m not sure why I’m so afraid of needles, but I really do hate shots. So for weeks, ever… Read More

Surf’s Up

You know what’s not easy? Surfing. I was a HUGE fan of boogie boarding as a child, and the waves at Ormond Beach last week were absolutely perfect for it. They were just high and powerful enough for… Read More

Rock Eagle

Monday morning, as the Ben Hill County school bus rolled through rural Georgia, Camille wiggled and giggled and changed seats and sat up and laid down and thoroughly enjoyed a long road trip minus a car seat. Oh… Read More

Peeking Lizard

I’m working from home this morning, and was taking a call on my porch because my phone rarely works in the house. Have I mentioned before how unsatisfied I am with AT&T? No? Well, if I weren’t so… Read More