A Musical Feast

Every year I look forward to the Savannah Music Festival, which brings a fantastic variety of acts for this annual musical feast. This year, Lee and I were able to see 4 shows (5 if you count the… Read More

Belated St. Pat’s Write-up

In the first 10 years that I lived in this fair city, I never missed a St. Patrick’s Day celebration. St. Patrick’s Day wasn’t a big deal for me growing up – it was a day to wear… Read More

Backyard Time

Last weekend arrived and we – shockingly – had very little going on. No trips out of town. No visitors. No big plans. The weather was glorious, so we spent much of the weekend in the backyard working… Read More

Mother Nature is a Tease

This weekend, Mother Nature gave us the equivalent of a peep show. She shook off her winter coat to give us a brief glimpse of the spring we’re all lusting for. Like many other folks in Savannah, we… Read More

This Diet Brought To You By…

It seems rather anti-climactic to be on a diet in January – isn’t everyone on a diet right now? It would seem more noteworthy to write about not being on a diet in January. So avant-garde. I was… Read More

Snow! (Sort of)

Last year, Camille (my fellow snow lover) and I were spoiled. We got to play in the snow when we visited Boston and Tennessee – a real treat both times. This year we missed the snowfalls at both… Read More

Japan Day

This month, Camille’s pre-k classroom is “traveling around the world,” and this week they took an imaginary trip to Japan. Lee and I were excited for a chance to share our love of that country with her classmates,… Read More

S’mores Party

You’ve probably had chocolatey, marshmallowy s’mores before, but have you ever laid eyes on s’mores as cute as these? These precious s’mores owls were the prize for the class at Camille’s school that spent the most at our… Read More

My Better Half is Blogging!

Lee is not the kind of dad who believes the day-to-day tasks of parenting should be left to mom (glad we’re in agreement there!). Instead, he’s involved from our breakfast routine to our bathtime rituals and in between…. Read More

Not My Best Shots

I love love love taking pictures, and of course Camille is a favorite subject. Most of the time she’s cooperative, but occasionally the mama paparazzi is just too much. Had to share a couple of recent shots that… Read More