The Best Finish

At 8 a.m. Saturday, the starting horn blasted at the intersection of Bay and Bull Streets. Somewhere far in front of us, Andrew was in corral 4, beginning to inch toward the banner that demarcated the start of… Read More

Let’s Do This!

If all goes well, this time tomorrow I’ll have a light and happy heart, tired legs, and a finisher’s medal dangling around my neck. I love pre-race energy. I crave pre-race energy. And with a race this big,… Read More

Big Nasty Mud Run

Another running post already? Well, it is the season for races, so yes. And with more to come. But this post isn’t just about a race. It’s about a 4-mile slosh through mud, through water, through briar patches,… Read More


We are just over 3 weeks away from the Rock n Roll half-marathon in Savannah, and I have one thing to say. HALLELUJAH. The training plan I’m using this year is rather unique because it takes you well… Read More

Trail Run!

Today’s run had three critical ingredients for greatness: 1) run with a good buddy, 2) run somewhere new and 3) run a trail. I was not disappointed. Nicole and I had a chance to run together in Winder… Read More

Washington DC By Foot

Could there be a better running town than Washington DC? It’s possible I’m sure, but our sightseeing run this morning knocked my socks off. Not literally of course, because that would lead to blisters, but you know what… Read More

Here We Go Again!

For the last 6 months, my running schedule has been loose – I’ve stuck to running three times a week, but I’ve been choosing my distance and pace almost at random. Truthfully, I’ve missed the sense of purpose… Read More

The Social Run

There is a dichotomy in the way I feel about running. I’m drawn to the sport in part because of the vibrant, overwhelmingly positive and welcoming running community. I love to talk with other runners, race with other… Read More


A few weekends ago, Lee and I ran with a team from our church in the St. Peter’s Kilometers 10K race on Skidaway Island. I hadn’t run 6 miles very often since my half-marathon in January, and boy… Read More


One year ago today, I went for a run. My first run. It was week 1, day 1 of the Couch to 5K program, and entailed a 45 second jog followed by a 90 second walk. Repeat. It… Read More