The Long Run

This is the last archive post – after this one I’ll be up to blogging about running in real time. The following post was written on August 17. Here we are, two months later, and I still prefer… Read More

Meeting the Mentor

It was crazy. Insane even. Although I had physically prepared myself for races much longer than this one, I was not mentally prepared for my first Disney race last weekend. Not prepared to run in the middle of… Read More

Attitude Adjustment

Another post from the running archives, in which I get a reality check and a new mantra. July 21, 2011Lee is running too, and sometimes after one of us runs, we’ll complain to the other about various challenges… Read More

Choosing a Program

Today I’m beginning the 9th week of my half-marathon training program – over halfway there! That makes it even more interesting for me to go back and read posts like this one. Here’s another entry from the running… Read More

My First 5K

This is another post from the running archives. I detail my experience in my first 5K back in July, including horse farms, bad jokes and a little bit of vomit. July 2, 2011One week ago today, I finished… Read More

20-Minute Run and Race Preps

Two more entries from the running archive. May 13, 2011 – The 20-minute RunOver the past few days, every time I thought about today’s run I felt nervous butterflies in my stomach. Prior to this week, my longest… Read More

Taking it on the Road

Another entry from the running archives. This post was written on May 12.Over the past few weeks I’ve discovered another unexpected benefit of running. It’s so simple it shouldn’t have come as a surprise, but it was something… Read More

New Shoes

Another post from the running archives! April 28, 2011 – So, I splurged on the new running shoes earlier this month and I’m really enjoying them. My shin pain has disappeared and so far not resurfaced. I remember… Read More

The Running ‘Ritas

Two more posts from the running journal archive: April 13, 2011– My friend is signing us up today for a half-marathon relay at Disney in October (I will run 4.8 miles, she’ll run 8.3). I think this is… Read More


A week ago, I ran a race. A 5K. Not a long race; not a fast race. But it was a big race for me. It was my first race. It was the Sand Gnats Homerun 5K. The… Read More