Shamrock 5K

After a week of gloriously sunny days, last Friday the clouds rolled in just in time for the Shamrock 5K in downtown Savannah. Clouds are fine – even helpful – but the accompanying rain I could have done… Read More


Last year, all of my training runs had a singular focus – endurance. I just wanted to learn how to cover the miles no matter how fast or slow. My most important speed goal was to cross the… Read More

Street Team

With my original goal race behind me, I needed a new plan. A new goal. I decided to take a break from the distance races for a bit to see what I might be able to accomplish in… Read More

Disney Marathon Relay

My recent blogging hiatus is not due to lack of material. On the contrary, there are a lot of things I’d like to blog about but I’m suffering from a lack of time. So now, a game of… Read More

The Goal

It has been 10 months since my friend (now running partner) planted the idea of a half-marathon in my head. The preposterous, laughable idea. Her primary goal was for us to run a marathon relay at Disney (split… Read More

The Bridge

The Talmadge Bridge is a Savannah icon, and when we travel, I love returning via Hwy 17 so we can go over the bridge. We’re welcomed home with gorgeous views of Riverstreet, giving way to the steeples of… Read More


Running for almost three hours gives you lots of time to think. Three weeks ago, during my half-marathon, I spent some of that time thinking about … well … running. Thinking about how much I used to dislike… Read More


3 a.m.After a difficult time falling asleep, I am now convinced I have overslept. I look at the clock. Repeat until… 5:14 a.m.I turn off both alarm clocks, which had been set for 5:15. I go to the… Read More

36 Hours to “Go Time”

But who’s counting? Oh yeah. I am. Seriously, this half-marathon better get here quick because I can’t take much more of this waiting business. I’m obsessing about it, mostly in a positive, motivating way (I think). I’m checking… Read More

Racing – Mickey Style

Two weeks ago, I ran my second race. My running partner, the one who is responsible for all this running business, is both a racing fanatic and a Disney fanatic. Her primary goal for us is a marathon… Read More