Day Three

At 4 a.m. Sunday, June 1st, the alarm clock woke Lee and me from our deep sleep on Anna and Jason’s sleeper sofa in Portland. It was a terrible hour to wake up, but on this day, it… Read More

Day Four

We checked out of the hotel, and headed for Kincaid Park. It was a beautiful day as we drove into the wooded area – said to be home to the largest population of Moose in Anchorage. That’s just… Read More

Day Five

Seward television is the best. I was flipping channels in our hotel room, just to see what kind of TV they had in Seward. The town is home to the Alaska Sea Life Center, a facility dedicated to… Read More

Day Six

Wednesday morning, we began the first of two very long drives. Alaska is a huge state, and we wanted to see a good bit of it. We left Seward, and enjoyed the trip toward Anchorage again on beautiful… Read More

Day Seven

Thursday morning, Lee and I woke up half frozen. We hadn’t turned on the heater that night, the temperatures had dropped considerably and we were shivering under our two blankets. We quickly dressed in our warmest clothes, and… Read More

Day Eight

We left our cabin on the river and headed for Fairbanks and family. My cousin Jason and his wife Jennifer live in Fairbanks, stationed there with the Air Force.

Day Nine

After a quick breakfast and quick good-byes to Jason and Jennifer, Lee and I headed south on the only highway out of town. We had a long 7-8 hours of road ahead, followed by an equally long flight.

Home Again

After a wonderful ten days of travel, seeing friends and family, and finally experiencing Alaska, we’re home. I have mixed feelings. It’s definitely good to be home. No more digging socks out of the bottom of a mammoth… Read More


So far, our trip has been great. Our flights yesterday were fine, on time, and comfortable. I realized that was the first time I’ve flown since 9-11, and discovered a new travel rule. Always wear clean socks with… Read More

Vacation Begins

Setting your work email to send automatic out-of-office replies is a good feeling. So is changing your outgoing message on your voicemail to tell people you are finally on vacation. I may not get on the plane until… Read More