Bienvenidos A Miami

Lee and I are in Miami this weekend visiting Dave and Erin. I’d never been to Miami before, and within the first 2 hours, one of my Miami stereotypes was confirmed – another was shattered. Everything is indeed… Read More

The First Class Experience

The last few days have been rather agonizing, filled with endless debate and decision making (or indecision making) about very important things. I don’t believe I would like to recount it right now. I did, however, have a… Read More

States (mostly seen from car windows) Following in Lee’s footsteps, I generated a map of all the state’s I’ve visited. My first map looked kind of sad, but then I remembered my family drove to Colorado from Georgia when I was young, and… Read More

New York

I was that tourist – the one walking around with my mouth open and my eyes skyward, marveling at all that is New York City. The trip was great, and the city was amazing. After months of searching… Read More

Off we go!

We need a U-Haul for all the stuff we’re packing for NY. My problem is that I’m so unsure of what I’ll need, so I feel the need to bring everything. I have never felt quite so much… Read More

The Big Apple

It’s official! Lee and I are headed to New York for vacation in a few weeks. I have never been to NYC, and I’m ready. After pouring over websites about hotels and watching airfare like a day trader… Read More

The Heavens

Today, Lee and I went to Athens to help Erin move to a new apartment. We drove round trip in one day, about 8-9 hours total. The sky was so wonderful. Not because it was sunny and blue… Read More

Our Alaskan Adventure

Two weeks ago, Lee and I were about to begin our Alaskan adventure. I had been dreaming about it for years, and we had been planning the trip for a long time. I was both excited and nervous…. Read More

Day One

When the alarm went off Friday morning, I had no trouble getting out of bed. We were about to begin our big trip. Lee and I got ready, loaded all of our huge bags into Lee’s car, and… Read More

Day Two

We woke up, showered, then headed for a hearty breakfast at “Mother’s,” a nice restaurant in downtown Portland. I ordered macadamia nut pancakes with coconut, and they were delicious. We all ate well.